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Senior Developer

Technical Skills

Languages Java (Tomcat, Hibernate, Maven, Ant, Struts), JVM Languages (Scala, Groovy), Python (Pyramid, SQLAlchemy, pip), SQL, JavaScript (jQuery, Angular, React, Node.js), Ruby (Rails, ActiveRecord), Perl, Bash, PHP, C
Database Administration MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle (PL/SQL)
Amazon Web Services (AWS) IAM, EC2, RDS, S3, ElastiCache, VPC, SES
Docker docker, docker-machine, docker-compose, docker registry
Internet Technologies XHTML, CSS, JSP/Servlets, XML, Git, RabbitMQ, Celery, Ant, Maven
Administration Servlet Container (Tomcat), Web Server (nginx, Apache, IIS), Atlassian (Jira, Bitbucket, Confluence, HipChat), Jenkins, DNS (bind), Firewall, NAT (ipchains/iptables), Mail Server (qmail)
Development/Deployment Platforms Linux, OSX, AWS EC2


Senior Developer - Ocrolus, LLC, February 2015 - April 2016 (Portland, OR)
Ocrolus, LLC - Software startup focused on automating the process of reading and analyzing bank statements
Hired as a senior developer, my role expanded to also include Security and DevOps.
Achievements include:

Languages Python, JavaScript, SQL, Bash
Frameworks Persistence: SQLAlchemy; Caching: Redis; Messaging: RabbitMQ; Distributed/Asynchronous Task Queue: Celery; JavaScript: Node.js, React, Gulp, jQuery, Bootstrap; Testing: Selenium;
Cloud AWS: EC2 (Security Groups, Load Balancing), IAM, S3, RDS, ElastiCache (Redis), VPC, Route 53, SES
Build Docker
Version Control Git
IDE IntelliJ (PyCharm plugin)
Sole Developer - Consultant, 2002 - Present (Portland, OR and New York, NY)
Shambhala Publications - Independent book publisher and seller

Languages Java (Streams, Lambdas, Generics, Enhanced for Loop, Autoboxing/Unboxing, Typesafe Enums), Groovy (Builders, closures, GStrings), JavaScript, SQL, XML, XHTML, JSP, Bash
Frameworks Persistence: Hibernate; Caching: ehcache, OSCache; Dependency Injection: Spring; Messaging: SOAP (Apache Axis2); AJAX: jQuery; Testing: JUnit 4.x (Annotations, HSQLDB); Logging: Apache Commons Logging, Log4J; Runtime Performance Monitoring: JETM; Web: Apache Struts; Documentation: Docbook
Build Apache Ant
Version Control Git
IDE IntelliJ
Sole Developer - Consultant, 2014 - Present (Portland, OR)
Inner Traditions • Bear & Company - Independent book publisher and seller
In full cooperation with Shambhala Publications, expanded and resold the software built to handle mailing campaign, catalog management and reporting.
Sole Developer - Consultant, 2009 - Present (Portland, OR and New York, NY)
Pono'i - Privacy software
Sole Developer - Consultant, 2008 - 2013 (Portland, OR and New York, NY)
Geneva College - Private, four-year college
Created a novel solution that allowed prospective students to save their work in progress on Geneva's online application form. The program required no change or even awareness of the html form designer, used Groovy (backend) / JavaScript/jQuery (frontend) to avoid compilation and used an XML-based file data store to provide the most transparent solution for the non-technical project owners.
Co-Developer - Consultant, 2002 - 2006 (Portland, OR)
Mandala Designs - Boutique software development and hosting firm
Primary back-end developer for several Java web applications: E-Commerce (Samovar Tea Lounge Store), Publishing (Inner Traditions), and Education (Marylhurst University Course Evaluations, not public).
Sole Developer - Consultant, 2000 (Seattle, WA)
Formix - High-performance computing consultancy
Designed and built a web-based host administration application for a heterogeneous computer network. The application maintained the information necessary to provide network services (DNS, DHCP, YP/NIS) to all computers on the network. Implemented robust error handling as well as extensive run-time configuration options.
Technical Lead - Employee, 1997 - 2000 (San Francisco, CA)
Viant - Dot-com Internet consulting firm
Technical Lead
  • Innovation Center: Implemented dynamic, multi-tier web applications, including wireless technologies on WAP phones and Palm devices.
  • Compaq project: Led a team of three developers to enhance a custom CMS. Key feature additions included a more robust security scheme coupled with a single sign-on solution for three of the Compaq sites.
  • Tandem Personalization project: Led a team of four developers to enhance a custom CMS. Key feature additions included developing a sophisticated rule engine that allowed administrators to build targeted banners based on user behavior and preference selection, as well as allowing users to create their own profile-based personal links to both internal and external content.
Senior Developer
  • Tech Center: Wrote re-usable code for several projects, including a Java web stress tester, an automated survey handling tool, and the Focus Workspace Browser (FWB), an internal knowledge management application. Gave a presentation of my work on the FWB at IBM's WebSphere 2000.
  • Compaq project: Developed a Java codebase using object oriented programming with hooks for extension/enhancement. Provided guidance to more junior members of the development team.
  • Online college application services company: Performed a technical architecture audit of their current site. Performed an application stress test using Viant's custom Java web stress tester.

Within Viant, was a member of the technology discipline and was a member of the San Francisco mentoring group. Member of the IT group as backup for the San Francisco-based Information Technologist. Played an active role in recruiting, serving as the Haas School of Business recruiting captain.

Developer - Employee, 1996 - 1997 (San Francisco, CA)
Andersen Consulting - Global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company

Developer for a global customer service client-server application at Informix Software. Development planning and resource allocation, customer data modeling and database design, detailed technical design, customized application development, system test preparation, performance tuning, interface design and development.


Cornell University: B.S. in Environmental Systems Engineering
Teaching Assistant for ABEN 151: Introduction to Computing